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  • Hakan Erenler / Fetiye Olimpos Cabin Charter


    Çok keyif aldık..

  • orlando Romero / fethiye Kekova fethiye cruise


    We still talk about our trip to Turkey and especially our time in Fethiye.It is still fresh in our minds. Thank you again for your kindnesswhile we there. good luck and Happy life to you.

  • sally / olympos cruise


    So lucky to have experienced V-GO'...

  • Kellie O donnell / fethiye olympos cruise


    Exceeded all my expectations. cruise covered Turkey majically! Clean,well kept yacht.... kellie Avustralia

  • Bruce hamilton / fethiye olympos cruise


    Good on you guys.Bloody good trip,one of the best in my long life.V-GO rocks!. All the best for the Future! Thanks... Bruce NZ.

  • tumbull family / 12 islands cruise


    The good reputation V-Go has earnt will be spreadfar+wide! happy and safe sailing! Thanks.

  • Rosanne / fethiye keova fethiye Cruise


    Cruise was excellent and will definitely be going again (and taking all my friends next time)You can tell your boys that they did an awesome job ! thanks.

  • helen,Dave,sarah,Junny / Olympos fethiye cruise


    kep up your excellent service & laughs. great valu for money!...

  • John cortes / rhodes cruise


    thank you! v-go

  • seidel family / Greek islands cruise


    I had really memorable 8 days on the boat. Meeting nice people, relaxing , hiking on the islands, swimming with fishes and turtles in perfect clear water, delicious foods. Cabins were comfortable and clean but i prefered sleeping under the stars and waking up with sunshine and beautiful view. It was the greatest experience that i have ever lived. Thanks for everything!

  • louise Nordström / Greek islands cruise


    It was the greatest experience that i have ever lived. Thanks for everything!

  • Anette Randt / Greek islands cruise


    We had a fantastic cruise aboard the traditional Turkish / greek gulet exploring the coastline around Greek islands. Ali was not only a great skipper but a fantastic cook who delivered great meals that delighted us each evening. Beautiful waters for swimming and tranquil evenings where we slept under the stars on the deck. Very unique and relaxing experience.

  • Simone emkan / Rhodes cruise


    good crew... good food... and wonderful weather :-)

  • hans jacobsen / fethiye kekova fethiye cruise


    I took the cruise from Fethiye Kekova Fethiye cruise, I highly recommend this for a super relaxing 4 days on the Mediterranean. I was on Captain's Salih boat and he and his crew were excellent!

  • birgitte LİNEAU / fethiye Marmaris Cruise


    Every moment was peaceful, relaxing and surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of southern Turkey's coast. It will always be remembered as one of my favorite holidays.

  • Berndt Portish / Greek islands cruise


    The crew were wonderful, helpful, knowledgable, and so fun. Captain was fantastic ,he answered all of our questions before we set sail, knew exactly where to take us and where was too crowded, and provided so much fun for us. Thank you V-GO

  • Tobias Wörle / fethiye Olympos Cruise


    Our gang of 17 went on an 8-day cruise with V-GO aboard the Buket gulet and it was the BEST VACATION we have ever been on!!!

  • Georgia Querner / fethiye kekova fethiye cruise


    Amazing 7 day cruise! We spent 7 days onboard the Grand acar with ahmet and his crew in early September. The boat was amazing, very large and spacious Gulet with private cabins and ensuit although very little time is spent here and most of the time spent sleeping on deck under the stars. Go V-GO

  • Niclas Kuetsell / Rhodes cruise


    İ love greek İslands! Fantastic cruise along the Greek islands Symi,Tlos, Chalki Very relaxing, nature and sea at its best (seaturtles and dolphins have been sighted!), excellent food and a lovely crew. We can only recommend this trip from every point if view.